Data Backup & Recovery

The integrity of your data is something we take very seriously at Dr. Support Pros, which is why we provide multiple offerings to best meet your particular backup needs!


Local USB Drive Backups

We will set up software to provide automated backups of your server data including practice management databases, x-rays, documents, etc… We provide multiple backup drives that you can rotate out so you can keep backups off-site in case of fire, flood, or other disasters.

Cloud Data Offsite Backups

We can provide cloud based automated backups of your server data to a Dr Support Pros based data server. This means we do not have third parties storing the data for you, ensuring your data integrity while providing convenient cloud backups.

Cloud & Local Storage Protection Package

This combines our cloud service with the best of local automated backups. We will provide a Network Area Storage (NAS) device for your office and set up our automated cloud backup solution. This ensures effortless automated backups to multiple locations ensuring your data security.

Ultimate Backup Server Protection Package

This package provides continuous backups of your server to a device every 5-15 minutes. In the event that your server goes down, this device can operate as a temporary server which allows your practice to stay up and running even if the main server experiences a complete failure. This solution is fully automated and our staff monitor the status of this solution.